This years UKBFF finals was a welcome return to the usual stomping ground of British bodybuilding. The Royal concert Hall in Nottingham has been the home of the finals for over 10 years and has had many great champions grace the stage.

The Forest Gym was well represented by Sophie Cooper (Bikini short), Shaun Burchell(inters U90kg), Xavier Gatterell (inter O90kg), Phil Roodt (inters O90kg) and Kirt Elliot (mr U100kg). Sophie presented a fantastic complete package and this been her debut at the British, shone through to make the final 10 for the final pert of the show....certainly a top 6 on the cards in the future.

Shaun presented a great, thickly muscled physique but sadly needed to be drier to move from top 10 and land in the top 6. There is no denying his great potential.

The intermediate Over 90kg class presented a vast array of impressive physiques. It was highly competitive with Xavier making top 10 but unfortunately not the final six. Xavier had the driest and most ripped physique in the class, the need for another 10kg of muscle is what stopped him from making the top 3 on this his British debut too. He is certainly one to watch for in the future. Phil had a very tight physique with ripped glutes but again was too light to inflict damage in this class. With a great classic shape, a little more mass will definitely propel him up the ladder.

Kirt  presented a greatly improved physique with a tight small waistline and very striated quads. In a class where most of the competitors were shorter than him, he was outmuscled by more compact shorter men and needs to get a lot bigger and step up to the misters superheavyweights. The standard of this class was outstanding and in my humble opinion was the class of the day. The overall champion and newest British pro Nathan Sylvester come from this class.

Full show resuts can be found here: http://www.flexonline.co.uk/news-features/4-contest-reports

Thanks for a great showing guys, the posing school certainly made all the difference to how you carried yourselves on the stage.

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