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The training area of The Forest Gym covers about 200 m² [2200 ft²] and has a special high density solid concrete floor covered with carpet or thick rubber matting on top of plywood. The décor includes concealed lighting above a suspended ceiling plus spotlights. The Gym is equipped with free weights and a wide range of exercise machines.


Free Weights

Every Bodybuilder knows that the only way to build a powerful body with good shape, size, separation and real world muscle coordination is by using free weights. And exercises with free weights will be the foundation of many programmes once initial induction courses have been completed. The Gym has Ivanko Olympic standard barbells and Olympic plates plus pre-set barbells up to 50 kg. Our multiple dumbell sets go up to 75kg.


We set high standards when selecting machines for The Forest Gym and none is purchased without detailed inspection and testing. Every unit must be suitable for every member to use and must be able to take heavy weights and hard use. Many of the machines have been constructed to our specific requirements - often requiring heavier construction than the standard machines. There are many pre-select pulley machines and weight loading direct or ISO-lateral machines to allow full body workouts. All are suitable for the exacting demands of Bodybuilders and Powerlifters.


Aerobic Work


Aerobic work is achieved with Tunturi and Lifefitness Exercise Bikes. These simple machines have proved robust and reliable over many years and have been preferred over more complex and sometimes less reliable types.If the bikes are not enough for you, there is a large areas of forest and private roads surrounding the gym, which can be utilized for jogging and sprinting.


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