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The Forest Gym was established in 1970 by Ron Ball and Pete Vickery - the latter a successful competitor in Cycling, Bodybuilding and Power Lifting, with a string of trophies to his name. Ron Ball has now retired and having moved to the North of England has completely severed his links with the gym.  Ownership now rests with Peter and Big H.


Harold Marillier was the Manager for twelve years prior to his joint ownership of the gym and has really built up the reputation of the Gym via his own and his wife, Karen Marillier's, contest results. In addition, he has encouraged and given help and guidance to a string of successful competitors from the Gym in both Bodybuilding and Power Lifting.  We now have more and more competition bodybuilders visiting us and travelling 200 miles or more for guidance on diet and contest preparation.


The Forest Gym has been providing a service for Bodybuilders and Power Lifters in the Crawley area since our founding year and we intend to continue our efforts to improve the facilities available at the right price.

Gym Location

The Forest Gym really is in a forest.  It is in Tilgate Forest on the south side of Crawley.  We are completely surrounded by trees and are located on a road that leads from the A23 London - Brighton Road up into Tilgate Park.   The junction is a set of traffic lights on the A23, just ½ mile from Junction 11 on the M23, and gives access to the K2 Leisure Centre.  Turn off the A23 as though you are going to K2 and then branch off to the right on the road that leads up into the Forest.  You will see many log cabins leased to various sports and leisure groups.  Ours is No. 26.  All of the units are on the right-hand side of the access road.


Along the access road you will have to go through a chicane - installed to keep out unauthorised vehicles.  The chicane is not a problem for most cars - even Bentley Continentals can get through - but long vans and trucks will have a problem. 


There is plenty of free parking space near the Gym although the area can be quite crowded on some evenings - Monday and Tuesdays are usually the worst.   Parking during the daytime is never a problem.  You can stop right outside the Gym - thus avoiding unscheduled aerobics work.


There is a map at the end of this website that should help you find us.


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The Forest Gym

Unit 26

Tilgate Recreation Centre


West Sussex

RH10 5PH


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Monday to Friday

10.30 am to 9.00 pm



3.00 pm to 6.00 pm



8.00 am to 10.00 am


All Bank Holidays

3.00 pm to 6.00 pm



Christmas Day 

Boxing Day


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01293 -  537229


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