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Food Supplements


In addition to our gym, we have a range of sports drinks, protein bars and food supplements to help membersa to get maximum benefits from their training.


The sports drinks include pre-workout stimulants like MultiPower Red Kick and carbo drinks such as Turbopower and Proslam.  For post workout we supply protein drinks, protein bars and flapjacks to get muscle reconstruction under way.


We sell a range of protein products, carbohydrates and all-round weight gainers to supplement your diet.  Our main products are those supplied by CNP, Extreme Nutrition, Muscle Xcess and MultiPower.  All the time we try to add new products to our range that we can supply at competitive prices.


Our stock includes some specialist producs such as amino-acids, creatine, glutamine, glucosomine, HMB NOx products and fat burners.


Muscle Xcess


This new company was set up in December 2011 by Harold Marillier and two others; one a competitive Bodybuilder; the other a man with more than twenty years experience in the supplements industry.  The company was established with the aim of supplying the best quality products at acceptable prices.  All of us have experienced using products that have been expensive, yet ineffective or cheap and ineffective.  Muscle Xcess have determined to change this.  With the assistance of their manufacturer, Muscle Xcess feel that they have developed a range of products based on sound science, the realities of human physiology and which use only the finest ingredients that are known to work.


Muscle Xcess have introduced their new products into the market slowly, gauging reactions of users on matters of taste, effectiveness and price.  The packaging and labelling of the products is such that it is clear what every product contains and in what quantities.  There is no hiding behind proprietary blends and mysterious substances with allegedly unique propoerties.


All products are low in sodium, lactose, cholesterol, sugar and thickeners.  The products are easy to digest with far superior formulae than others in the market place and with tasts and flavours unique to Muscle Xcess.


In The Forest Gym, we know of the efforts that have gone into developing these new products.  We understand that reactions from users up and down the country have been universally positive, with particular mention of the wonderful flavours. If people don't like eating their food supplemets they will not want to buy it. Sales of Muscle Xcess products in The Forest Gym have been steadily increasing.


Everyone at Muscle Xcess has been involved in coaching and advising Mr and Miss Britain and World Championship winners as well as many winners of local area qualifier contests.


You will see Muscle Xcess on display at many of the area and national contests and you should give their products a try.  You may be surprised at the esults you achieve.  Muscle Xcess tell us that they will always strive to present a company with a policy of honesty and integrity to help you go Beyong the Limit.


Tee Shirts


We have a stock of tee shirts wih the gym's logo on sale at £10.00 each.  These are available in sizes from small to XXL and big enough to fit even the most massive Bodybuilder.


Other Products


The gym stocks such ancillary items as training gloves, knee warps and wrist straps, support belts and drink shakers.

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