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As we have stated, The Forest Gym is first and foremost a hardcore gym for Bodybuilders and Powerlifters.  At the same time, we have many members who come regularly to workout as part of a general fitness regime.  We have the expertise to plan your programmes of excercise and lifestyle to match your own specific requirements.


At The Forest Gym we take a personalised approach to help you with all your exercise, fitness and health needs. If you have no previous experience of training with weights, we will schedule a one-to-one meeting to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to agree the most beneficial workout routine to match your specific goals.  We will also discuss with you such matters as nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices so you can get the most benefit from your workouts.  We will also take you through your excercise routine to ensure that your excercise form is satisfactory and able to give you maximum benefits with a minimum risk of injury.


Every Gym member is welcome to come and discuss any problems or seek further advice on training or nutrition at any time.

So You Want To Be A Bodybuilder?

Maybe you are coming to the Gym for the first time because you want to be a Bodybuilder. Initially, as a an under-weight 20 year old, you may be reluctant to tell everybody that your real dream is to be a Mr Universe. If that is what you want, go for it and give it your full commitment. But be under no illusions of what it means. To maximize your chances of total success, you need the right parents. This will ensure that you have the best possible genetics. This is most important. Unfortunately, most of us have the wrong parents and we have to make do with the genetics we have got. This may make muscle building difficult and demand that you/we get everything right in terms of training, diet, supplementation and lifestyle. But it can be done. Look at the pictures of Harold Marillier as a very skinny 17 year old and as an on-stage competitive Bodybuilder.

To be a successful Bodybuilder you will have to give up much of your social life. Always, you will be short of money. It will take years of hard work and unless you make it as a top level pro living in the USA, you will not make any money out of it. This sounds terrible but it is the fate of almost every sportsman, sportswoman or athlete. It's even true of footballers. Apart from an elite few in the Premier League who get all the money, most have very modest incomes. If you play in the Coca Cola League 2 or lower you will not be rich.


If you want to walk the streets with a physique that demands attention and makes you feel great, be a serious Bodybuilder and you will love it!


To make an appointment with Big H or one of the members of his PT team please call us on 01293 537229.

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