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The Forest Gym does do personal one-to-one training with qualified individuals that will help you to your goals. Enquire within to get a list of our in house personal trainers.  Every new member will get personal tuition to teach him or her how to do the exercises correctly and how to select the right training weights and tailored nutrition plans. Harold and the team will keep an eye on what you are doing until you have built up some experience.  Harold and the team are very experienced Instructors with in depth knowledge of exercise, diet and nutrition. Whatever your training problems they will help you get started, break through to the next level or simply assist you in maintaining your current routine. All with a friendly, personal touch you won't find anywhere else.

Try our Adam Blackler, a very motivated PT and a very accomplished Bodybuilding competitor in his own right at

Big H Training

For those of you unable to train in The Forest Gym, I can provide a complete service of coaching, advice and supervision for the progressive development of your physique.  I will sit down with you to discuss your strengths and weaknesses and your long-term aims.  If, as seems likely, this includes Bodybuilding competitions, then I can outline the full programme right through to the day of competition.   This will involve full planning of training routines, diet and food intake for the long term development of your physique as well as the more specific requirements for contest preparation. I will need to see you on a regular basis — the more frequently, the better — but will communicate with you as often as necessary via telephone, e-mail and text. As contest day approaches this will be on a daily basis.

The charges for the service will depend on the extent of my involvement and what you expect from my input.


I have been coaching Bodybuilders [primarily] from all parts of the UK in addition to those who are members of The Forest Gym over the last ten years and I have had generally good results.  All Bodybuilders will benefit from an independent coach who can assess their physique objectively and plan the training and diet accordingly.  I have provided my services to many successful Bodybuilders such as Troy Brown, Alvin Small, Rene Campbell and Michelle Jones.


Give me a ring at the gym to discuss your goals prior to a visit to the gym.

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